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Ed-Fi API Documentation

  • Change Queries MiDataHub implements the change queries functionality in our Ed-Fi v3.1-based API implementation.  Ben Meyers from DLP provided an overview on a recent webinar (click for video) and also shared out a Postman file that can be used to walk through the example scenario demonstrated. 
  • Changed Record Queries This document provides details on the changed record queries functionality and how it is enable in v3.1. MiDataHub has implemented this process in our v2.4 specifications. Also see the Using the Changed Record Queries document for more details.
  • Composite Specifications Documents These documents provide details on how to use the Food Service, Library and Transportation composites.  
  • Ed-Fi Descriptor Values These are the descriptor values for use in Ed-Fi v3.1 and for Ed-Fi v6.1 (2024-2025).
  • Ed-Fi Resource Status List This provides a list of API resources with a status of whether they are populated or not.  This is helpful for those vendors looking to consume data from MiDataHub.
  • Extended XML Specifications These are the Ed-Fi XML specification (XSD) files that have been extended with for use in the MiDataHub. These include all state reporting extensions. These are updated as of June 7, 2017.
  • Ed-Fi Outline of Detailed Changes from 3.1 to 6.1 This document outlines the ed-fi data standard changes from 3.1 to 4.0 that will be applied with the 6.1 upgrade.

Custom APIs

  • Enrollment Transfer Documentation-Draft This is a draft version of the documentation for the enrollment transfer process.
  • Identity Services API Documentation UPDATED (May 24, 2023)This document provides details on calling the Identities API, which can be used to perform a Unique Identification Code (UIC) lookup and can also be used to get Portable Records (Snack-pack) information

SSO and MiLaunchpad 

  • Launchpad Implementation This document indicates how to configure a client application to show an icon on the MiDataHub Launchpad.
  • MiDataHub SSO Instructions for Vendors This document walks through the steps to connect a Client Application to the MiDataHub Single Sign-On (SSO) so that it can authenticate users that come in through MiDataHub.

Mapping Documentation

  • 2023-24 CEPI Component Mapping v1 This link will take you to a Google Spreadsheet repository that displays the alignment of the v3.1.1 Ed-Fi API to the CEPI Components and elements for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Digital Equity Data Collection This document provides the questions and values to be used for submitting the data within the studentIndicator array of the studentEducationOrganizationAssociation resource.
  • M-STEP Mapping Document This document contains information on how the M-STEP data is mapped so that vendors/systems can pull that data reliably via the Ed-Fi API.
  • PSAT and SAT Mapping Document This document indicates how the PSAT and SAT data are mapped so that vendors/systems can pull that data reliably via the Ed-Fi API.

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