Data Hub Status

  Location Version Status Insurance
DEV/QA AWS 2023.5.0-b01114rc Operational $1M/occurrence, unlimited aggregate via SET SEG
ST AWS 2023.3.0 Operational $1M/occurrence, unlimited aggregate via SET SEG
PROD AWS 2023.3.0 Operational $1M/occurrence, unlimited aggregate via SET SEG

Release Notes:

Production - 2023.3.0

  • Additional logging for identity services

  • Retry logic and logging for dxreset

  • Refactor integration instance tables for better efficiency and archiving

  • SSO Update partial entities

  • Updates to management portal for district links, new roles, district API credential testing

  • Data dictionary lookup addition

  • Corrections to Acadience Online, to handle additional fields and normalize descriptor usage with other Acadience products

  • Addition of note fields to the UI (integrations)

  • Addition of MIEWIMS Readiness Check

  • District opt out of credential display in management portal

  • Key and secret report with password protection

  • Introduction of the district domain data steward - initial rollout

  • Removal of self-signed cert functionality for MiLearn

  • MIDX fix for embedded extension

  • Minor bug fixes


  1. MSDS Updates
    • Extractor updates to include better population for ISD and RESAs
    • Extractor update to pull physical addresses and only mailing addresses when physical addresses is not avaialble
    • Updates to clean up msds alert functionality
    • Update to msds error check to allow rules that are thrown by building to be reported by building instead of student. (Collection Rules)
    • Minor updates to MSDS reports and proper date run alignment
    • Additional minor bug fixes
  2. Release of inbound integration for Acadience Online testing 
  3. Updates to AcadienceProgress Monitoring to follow standard assessment loading path and to correct file issue
  4. Descriptor Additions for EEM and update to several descriptors adding effective end date for retiring descriptors
  5. Updates to SFTP functionality to handle username changes in the UI and deactivations of district and integrations
  6. Updates to MIDX UI to alert end user of long running bulk process and to prevent multiple syncs to be executed at once
  7. Update to Ed-Fi api to properly report 404 error when a delete is executed against a resource that is not present. Due to a security issue this was being returned as a 500 incorrectly
  8. Management Portal Enhancements
  9. Api logging change, to allow PostGres db to be utilized
  10. Initial release of oneRoster 1.1 specification alignment - introduction of scopes(ability to limit what data is made available from the api):


  • UIC Service Update allowing pass back of CEPI validation on the first and last name request fields
  • Addition of effective end date for retired CEPI descriptors
  • Aimsweb Import Conversion
  • Updates for SWIS outbound integration- curl enhancement
  • Initial release of Data Dictionary Management functionality
  • Management Portal enhancements and fixes
  • MSDS update to allow file creation when state ids are non-numeric
  • MIDX updates for better control of job completion and queuing
  • Additional minor bug fixes


  • MSDS updates for 2023
  • MSDS DQ rules
  • MSDS Descriptor mapping changes
  • Updates for built in ssh server
  • Corrections for default oneRoster mapping display
  • Corrections for Star logging error
  • Api updates for Last Direct Cert Run
  • Api updates for UIC services existing or new UIC status
  • Data Steward access corrections
  • Initial release of transcript transfer back end processes