Cockpit Information

What is the Data Hub Cockpit? This document provides a general overview of the data hub cockpit.

What is the onboarding workflow process? This document provides an overview of the onboarding process.

Creating and Configuring an API Integration - This document provides the steps for creating an API Integration.

MI File Transfer - This utility will allow for users to setup the transfer of Ed-Fi XML files to the data hubs and can be scheduled to run silently.  A readme file is included.

At-A-Glance Report - The At-A-Glance Report in the MiDataHub cockpit provides aggregated data counts on building and district level data. Data counts on FTE (District, Grade Level, Building), Racial/Ethnicity, Courses, Attendance (Section, Daily), Grades (Transcript, term), and discipline.

MiDataHub YouTube - Each video will walk you through the basics of what the Michigan Data Hub is, how it is a base for statewide collaboration, how the functionality solves.

To request documentation for a process not developed yet please click here.