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General Information

What is the MiDataHub? This document gives a brief overview of the data hub.

MiDataHub Agreements This document will provide a brief description of the available agreements to sign in the data hub.

How do I sign the Data Hosting Agreement? This document will provide instructions on how to electronically sign the data hosting agreement.

Signing a New Data Hosting Agreement This document will provide instructions on how to electronically sign a new version of the data hosing agreement.

How do I designate a Superintendent Proxy? This document will provide instructions on how to designate a proxy for the superintendent for the purposes of signing the data hosting agreement.

Recommended processes for the EOY rollover in the Data Hub Cockpit - This document provides the recommended steps an individual authorized as a Technical Contact in the Michigan Data Hub should review in the Michigan Data Hub Cockpit when rolling over to the new school year.

MiDataHub Welcome Packet - This packet is a guide to districts in the process of getting data flowing into the Data Hub.

To request documentation for a process not developed yet please click here.


About the Data Integration ROI Study/Survey.
The Michigan Data Hub has completed a Return on Investment (ROI) and Potential Cost Savings Study. Our belief is that the data hubs, when fully implemented, will save districts a significant amount of time and money in managing data. The study estimates that MiDataHub can save districts up to $56 million per year by eliminating duplicate integrations, integrating systems that aren’t currently connected, and by streamlining and partially automating the state reporting process.  This information serves as a goal for MiDataHub to attain and exceed.