MSDS Documentation

General Information 

The Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) is the system developed by the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) for state and federal student data reporting. Data collected in this system are vital to district success. 


CEPI MSDS Calendar

MSDS through MiDataHub

The Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub) supports the export of data from a MiDataHub district database (ODS) to the XML format currently supported by CEPI.  The MSDS functionality in MiDataHub includes data quality alerts, an MSDS error check process, a growing library of MSDS reports, XML file extraction process for all MSDS collections, and a comparison tool to compare MiDataHub XML extracts to native SIS extracts.  Documentation and further details can be found in the MSDS Best Practices Guide link below.

MiDataHub MSDS Best Practices Guide

To get started with MSDS through MiDataHub, simply submit requst here: and request that the functionality be turned on for your district.  Please include your state district code in the request.