2021- 2022 Status Updates

Production - 2022.05.30.5

Extractor and Error Check updates for the following MSDS collections:

1) EOY EC collection - updates
2) SRM - updates3) TSDL -

Additional functionality updates:

1) Support for multiple parental phone numbers of the same type
2) Updates to CEDs descriptors transferring them out of MiDataHub to ceds.ed.gov
3) Initial release of WIDA descriptors and extensions
4) Updates to Behavioral Profile to include educational entities
5) Addition of Staff Identification codes lookup for incoming SWIS integration

Production - 2022.04.18

Extractor updates for the following MSDS collections:

  • EOY General collection
  • EOY EC collection
  • SRM
  • TSDL
  • Migrant TSDL
  • Third Grade Retention

Error Check Updates for the following MSDS collections:

  • EOY General collection
  • EC EOY collection

Error Corrections for MSDS collections:

  • GC
  • EC

Additional functionality updates:

  • OneRoster – mapping – addition of path tool
  • SRM screen functionality
  • RTL Feature status updates
  • Additional MOI cohorts added
  • Minor bug fixes

Push timing:

  • Queue shut down COB 05/27/2022
  • Deployment of code - 5/27-5/29
  • Confirm production rollout and that all forward facing apps are responding 5/29

Production - 2022.02.07

  • Initial release of Mode of Instruction functionality
    • Cockpit report that provides end user with needed format and rostered students for update
      • Outbound Integration Reports – Mode of Instruction Export
    • Inbound integration that will allow districts to upload data
      • Educational Analytics – State of Michigan – MDE – Mode of Instruction
  • Additional updates for State Reporting
    • 10/30 day Rule Report
    • Count Day Audit Report
    • Continued work on collection filtering
  • OneRoster
    • Release of metadata back end functionality
    • Initial release of metadata UI
    • Fix for hard coded status – enrollment
  • Minor fixes:
    • Early childhood extract
    • Section reference id fields
    • MSDS Import - update for assigning organization codes

ST - 2022.1.10

DEV/QQ - 2022.1.10

Production - 2022.1.10

  1. MSDS Spring General Collection Processes
  2. MSDS Early Childhood Collection Processes
  3. Initial release MSDS SRM Console
  4. Updates to MSDS Descriptor Mapping UI
  5. MIDX Population Report
  6. SWIS  Data Load - NCES School lookup
  7. Minor Bug fixes

Functionality Additions:

  1. OneRoster improvements
  2. MSDS updates
  3. Management Portal - initial version
  4. MSDS Descriptor bolding on the main page
  5. MSDS Display School/Facility Number count day school list and student list
  6. Initial release of Management Portal
  7. OneRoster – add query timeout as a configurable parameter
  8. OneRoster – prefix configuration addition to utilities in cockpit
  9. MIDX add logging for opt in and opt out from the cockpit management screen


  1. MSDS has changes flagging
  2. MSDS updates to error summary reports
  3. MSDS update for 2022 mappings – contacts, mapping of district identification
  4. Alphabetize query tags
  5. OneRoster add initial batch of query optimization
  6. Remove MIDX for agreement signature
  7. Added wrapper to CEPI services connection to reconnect on error
  8. Updates to PersonCache to resolve issues of students/staff/parents deleted and then added
  9. Added requirement of program service begin date to swagger to align with db requirement

Production - 2021.9.6

  1. MSDS updates:
    1. Interop mapping updates
    2. New General Collection report – alpha list
  2. EEM Auto provision:
    1. Update to the auto provision process – adds eemyear to district db table
    2. For each district, 20 at a time, that matches current year (2022) but a null value for EEMYear will have the following actions taken:
    3. If there is no eem job one will be created, the district will be opted in for the current year and eem year will be updated
    4. If there is an eem job then the district will be opted out and opted in for the current year (2022) and eem year will be updated
  3. Manifest Functionality:
    1. Export current project functionality
    2. Export manifest function – base example
  4. Import made functional
    1. Additional endpoint added for CEPI search
    2. An additional endpoint was added that mirrors the json payload for CEPI – there is some work to be done here but this will not hold up 9.6
  5. Code Updates
    1. Schoolyear update – 2022 (flex reporter, ssrs etc)
    2. Require Start data and time on all inbound integrations
    3. Generate credential updates – warning and oneRoster 
    4. Update to api integration page to deal with Snackpack update issue
  6. OneRoster:
    1. Credential update – on api creds page, when the edfi api cred is updated so is the oneRoster
    2. Compliance updates

Production - 2021.05.03

  1. MSDS Import
  2. Star Combined Import


  • Minor hotfix to address TLS - Transport Layer Security 


  1. Assessment Importer Sweep
    1. Alter sweep to include PSAT and SAT
    2. Alter sweep to include null values
    3. Converts sweep processing to use stored procs
  2. Automated EEM Processing 
    1. When a current year ods is provisioned the district will automatically be opted into the EEM services
    2. Change to SFTP integration page to allow for folder management functionality
    3. Change of MSDS As of Date page title to As of Date Override Management
      1. Display of default as of data added
    4. Change to MiLearn Authorization select all fix
    5. Added functionality for integrations to have log file emailed
      1. Checkbox in the UI to include log
    6. Updates to Renaissance Star
      1. Updated to new file format
      2. Added taken at field
      3. Preparation for combined load
    7. Update to Acadience
      1. Updated loading functionality for changes in file format
      2. Incorporated core fields functionality to attempt to deal with varying file header issues
    8. Updates to readiness alerts to insert historical data
    9. Update to Agreements page for external link
    10. Initial baseline rollout for future functionality – open badges

Production - 2021.03.08.1

  1. Application Username Management enhancements
    1. Addition of Parent and Staff to application username
    2. Updates to the UI placing link on api integration page
    3. Introduction of the following hierarchy for OneRoster Api username (application username, login id, staff/student unique id)
    4. Filtering added for domain functionality
  2. MSDS – Updates and Bug Fixes
    1. Collection comparison file upload corrected
    2. XML validation error corrections
    3. MSDS extractor error corrected
    4. Missing stored procedure error corrected
  3. Added the MIEWIMS agreement
  4. Added API endpoints for Direct Certification
  5. Fixed Parochial school EEM lookup
  6. Addition of values to MediumOfInstruction Descriptors
  7. Alignment of Ed-Fi API extended enrollment composite to MiDX extended enrollment composite
  8. Minor updates to swagger, marking fields as required
  9. NWEA missing/absent file error issue correction
  10. Updates to SDK deployment for posting to virtual folder on app server
  11. Extension of personal curriculum arrays on student school association
  12. eSchoolPlus data loading improvements

Production - 2020.12.28.7

  1. MICIP Readiness Check Improvements
  2. Ability to e-sign MICIP agreement before Data Hosting Agreement
  3. MICIP Data Liaison can be added by tech contacts
  4. MSDS Improvements
  5. District Parameters relocated to Utilities menu
  6. eSchoolPlus improvements
  7. Phase I Descriptor Cleanup
  8. Security Updates
  9. Note:  Current issue with adding new users.

ST - 2020.12.28.7

  • Security updates

DEV/QA - 2021.1.25-b00239rc

  1. Sungard eSchoolPlus Improvements
  2. MSDS Enhancements
  3. Acadience updates
  4. Operations cockpit ADFS Script update
  5. Fix issue with vendors showing in tables when no systems
  6. Snack-Pack validation
  7. NWEA fix
  8. Enhancements to Custom Exports
  9. Change to SSRS Report Processing


  1. Includes enhancements to MICIP Error Check
  2. SSO Management Feature
  3. Includes NWEA functionality - which will be live once a bug is cleared


  1. NWEA Assessment Import
  2. Sungard eSchoolPlus


  • Initial deployment has been completed and the new hub at Oakland is up and running!  The 2020-21 ODSs have been deployed, all users and integrations have been moved.  We are working to reactivate API integrations first.  Once data is available, other integrations will be turned back on.


  • Deployment work has started.  Existing hubs have been left up and running so that districts can use UIC and Snack-Pack services as needed.