What began as a small seed idea for integrating data systems has grown into a statewide collaborative tool known as Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub). MiDataHub has evolved into a tool that provides enhanced functionality for educators across the entire state at the building, district, and state level. Collaborative opportunities continue to multiply as new areas of service are exposed, all of which ultimately impact the educational outcomes for our students.

Much like a wheel, MiDataHub utilizes a hub-and-spoke approach to data integration where data is moved, harmonized and indexed for the purpose of educators. Educational leaders, teachers, and learners may use the data provided to enhance or adjust curriculum and instruction. They also can leverage the multiple tools to enhance operational efficiency.

MiDataHub would not be possible without the support of educational staff throughout our state. Advisory teams, connected partners, and statewide organizations continue to chart the course of growth for MiDataHub, while the Data Hub Support Specialists are available to help support your implementation and best practice of the tools and functionality available from your Data Hub.