2017 - 2015 Status Updates

v 2.6.4 Release - 12/09/2017 

  • Addition of MiLearn Easy Button Functionality
  • Functionality added for zip file filtering during orchestration
  • Improvements in the query builder functionality in the custom export tool
  • Bug fixes for a number of cockpit reports

v 2.5.1 Release - 10/01/2017 

  • Launchpad functionality deployed
  • Central cockpit deployed for centralized management of vendors

v 2.4.4 Release - 06/04/2017 

  • Numerous updates for MiLEARN System including v2 of the authorizations component, revised data sharing agreements, improvements to data compatibility check and improved handling of restricted reports.  This also corrects a bug in the breadcrumbs area and eliminates duplicate rows in the data extractor.
  • Corrects an errant date in the GMEC Data Hosting Agreement
  • Corrects count for hispanic students in the At-A-Glance report
  • The Custom Export Tool now sorts the list of queries alphabetically and allows exporting of data from extended fields
  • Corrects a runbook issue to prevent database locks
  • Prevents the MSDS error check process from running on an empty or missing database
  • Corrects an issue in the anonymizer process
  • Deploys a fix to the API to properly handle multiple language use types
  • Adds cascading delete capability for CourseTranscript and Session resources in the API and ODS

v 2.3.12 Release - 04/09/2017 

  • Incorporates new Data Hub Logo and header
  • Deploys the Flexible Export Creation Utility - (Reports>Manage Custom Exports)
  • Multi-destination delivery - allows for exports to be sent to multiple locations
  • Adds agreement support for MiExcel
  • Adds pages and export support for MiExcel

v 2.1.796 Release

  • Ability to hide and show inactive integrations in the cockpit
  • The Current School Year now shows as a dropdown rather than a single number.  Additionally, the dropdown indicates if data is populated for the selected school year.
  • The Reports menu is now located as a dropdown at the top of the page.  This will include the Flexible Export Tool in future updates.
  • An SFTP folder management page has been added, which will be the home directory for MSDS files created. A sweep process will clear these files out every 7 days.
  • SFTP Remote Configuration has been added for Outbound and Inbound Integrations. It will allow for testing of an SFTP connection and will automatically populate the SFTP key value for the remote server.
  • The ability to create an anonymous district from an existing district has been added to the Data Hub Utilities page.
  • MSDS submission window date functionality management page has been added for Data Hub Administrators
  • The ability to add/manage vendors and systems has been added for Data Hub System Administrators
  • The ability to open and close districts has been added for Data Hub System Administrators
  • Functionality to send a reminder email to District Superintendents has been improved with the addition of a warning prior to sending the email
  • The district agreement status report can now be scheduled to automatically email to designated users.
  • For API integrations, there has been a change in the update to studentEdOrgAssociation, which loosens the rules to allow an entity with a relationship to the student to associate an org. Formally the update to studentEdOrgAssociation required a relationship to the student and the edorg
  • MSDS 2016-2017 extensions have now been added
  • Changes to database swap code to reduce locking errors during builds
  • Changes to timeout to allow longer period to restore database backups
  • Minor functionality change to report extractor to allow for multiple destinations

v 2.0.622 Release 

  • Corrects an issue with selection of the current school year
  • Consolidates items for MiLEARN (formerly SPORT) onto one menu choice
  • Supports dashboards at all data hubs
  • Corrects issues in the build process

v 2.0.553 Release 

  • Corrects an issue with screen refresh on integrations pages
  • Corrects issues with build process due to section key issues

v 2.0.494 Release

  • Data hubs will auto-create databases when any integration (Inbound, Outbound or API) is in place. 
  • Most reports are now functional
  • Reports are now categorized for easy access
  • MSDS error check rules engine is now functional
  • MSDS collection file creation is now functional
  • Dashboard support integrated, but dashboards deployed only to the SWMI hub for now
  • Correction to fix MealMagic CSV export

v 2.0.440 Release

  • Will now allow for 2016-17 data to be housed in the data hubs
  • ISD level has been added to breadcrumbs for navigation, so that users with more than one district can more easily navigate between districts
  • Numerous reports have been added, although all are not functional
  • Links for state reporting generation and error checking are in place, although not fully functional yet
  • Functionality to support MDE Student Parent Online Reporting Tool added
  • Profile support for Alert vendors added
  • State reporting extensions to the Ed-Fi specifications have been added, paving the way for testing of state reporting

v 1.0.389 Release

  • Modified the Integration Inventory to make column and row headers easier to follow and added mouse-over capability to show what each intersecting row and column references.

v 1.0.386 Release

  • Added Integration Status Unknown as an option for the Integration Status screen

v 1.0.383 Release

  • Corrects an issue with the inability to edit Integration Status items when they were set via the Set all "Integration Incomplete" statuses to "Integration Not Needed" button.
  • Adds a feedback button on the left-hand side of the screen for providing input on the data hubs and cockpit functionality.