Connected Partners

The work of MiDataHub has centered around creating an ecosystem where information is exchanged between the large number of disconnected data systems used by schools in the state based on pre‐defined national standards (Ed‐Fi).

In addition to creating an eco‐system to exchange data between systems, dashboards are rich with informative instructional data, an Early Warning System which is currently embedded in the Michigan Department of Education EWIMS Process which is a means to identify students at risk of dropping out, UIC functionality, State Reporting processes, and an IRIP tool that will identify and provide users access to a strategy bank.

Systems that are connected or in process of being connected are listed below.  If you wish to register your product to be a "Connected System", please complete the Participation Form.

Each vendor will be assigned a status based on the following:

Developing - Vendor identified as possible partner with MiDataHub. Begin to engage in alignment of purpose, mission and value-adds to potential partnership.

Build - Vendor develops the integration collaboratively with the MiDataHub team to ensure it meets technical specifications. Proposal accepted for pilot with 1-5 schools complete with timeline

Pilot - Integration is available for select group of districts. Vendor and MiDataHub see the integration in action.

Certify/Scale - Vendor presented with a formal agreement. Vendor is officially a partner with MiDataHub and added to the catalog for all participating districts to use.

Monitor - Ensure the ongoing commitment of maintaining the high quality and security of the integration.

   Connected Partners Information