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xSEL Labs Overview

Integration Steps
Rostering with MiDataHub

  1. Log into the MiDataHub cockpit and navigate to your Manage District page.
  2. Click on Reports>Manage Custom Exports
  3. In the Select Query Tag box at the bottom of the screen, choose SELWeb from the dropdown and click on Create Export Set.Query Set Up
  4. That will create an export set called SELweb as shown below.xsel Lab query type
  5. Notice that each file name starts with “OneRoster – “.  In order to process properly, these have to be renamed to remove the OneRoster dash from the beginning.  That can be done with the following steps.
    1. Click on a filename, such as OneRoster – Classes. 
    2. Click Continue at the Query Type box.
    3. Click Preview Results on the Write Query screen.
    4. Remove the OneRoster- from the Query Name field and click the Continue button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  It may require scrolling down to get to.
    5. Continue with each file until are completed (see correct naming for Classes below).

Query Export

Implementation Notes: