EVAAS uses teacher and student information in files from the Michigan Data Hub to:

  • Provide districts with teacher reporting based on state summative assessments
  • Where sufficient data exists, provide districts with student and/or teacher reporting based on additional assessments administered by districts
  • Create user accounts for teachers
  • Update student enrollment for student reports

To opt in for teacher reports and student enrollment updates, your district must submit to the Data Hub its student-teacher linkages from the most recent testing year and its student enrollment data for the current academic year. EVAAS will send updates to EVAAS district admins about due dates and other important information.

EVAAS provides teacher reporting and student enrollment updates for future years unless the district opts out. Contact Michigan Data Hub for information about opting out.

Vendor/Sponsor/Owner: Vendor - SAS EVAAS for K-12

Contact: EVAAS Support Team, EVAAS_Support@sas.com

Documentation links:  

SAS EVAAS Readiness Script

  • The SAS EVAAS Readiness Script was designed to identify the readiness level for a district. It runs a series of checks against various criteria to provide feedback for the district to consider. Please check out the SAS EVAAS Readiness Script Documentation for information on how to interpret the query results.

Click HERE for a video walkthrough on using the SAS EVAAS Readiness Script and supporting documentation. (The tutorial in this video uses 18-19 data for demonstration only. Please refer to MiDataHub or the EVAAS support team for the correct year of data to use during the current opt in window.)

Click HERE (or follow the steps below) for a video walkthrough on generating the API for the opt in process. 

Integration Steps:

  1. Log in to MiDataHub.
  2. Click on the name of the ISD that your district is in and choose the name of your district to get to your district landing page.
  3. From your district landing page, scroll to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and click "Add Integration" in the API Integration box.
  4. Enter the following choices and click on the Submit Button.
    1. System Type: Data Warehouse
    2. Vendor: SAS Institute
  5. System: EVAAS – v1
    Scroll back down to the API Integrations area and click on the link labeled "Data Warehouse: EVAAS 1."
  6. Enter the information from this screen into the secure form

Requirements: SAS EVAAS MiDataHub Data Requirements

Implementation Notes