Vendor/Sponsor/Owner: Vendor - NWEA

Contact: Caren Frykland,

Integration Steps

  1. Ensure you have published current year data to the ODS. There are multiple ways to confirm this listed below. If you need any assistance with this please reach out to our team by placing a ticket at 
    1. At A Glance Report
    2. School Data Load Analysis 
  2. NWEA requires a data sharing agreement to be completed to share data with MiDataHub to import to the MiDataHub ODS on your behalf. Your district most likely has authorized the data sharing agreement. If you have any questions on if your district has completed this step please reach out to either the MiDataHub support team by placing a ticket at or Caren directly at her email address listed above.  
  3. The MiDataHub team will configure the NWEA integration in the MiDataHub cockpit upon confirmation from NWEA the Data Sharing Agreement has been completed. 
  4. NWEA data will begin to populate in your ODS approximately two weeks after completion of the Data Sharing Agreement. 
  5. NWEA typically provides MiDataHub data to import into your ODS every Sunday. 

Date Integrated: August 1, 2017

Requirements: Completed data sharing agreement between the district and NWEA.