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Tim Hall, MiLearn Implementation, MDE,

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Welcome to MiLearn
MiLearn Available Reports by Audience
How to access Infinite Campus Assessment Reports through MiLearn
How to access PowerSchool State Assessment Reports through MiLearn
How to access Skyward State Assessment Reports through MiLearn

*For information on how to access MISTAR-Q and Synergy Reports through MiLearn, please contact MISTAR-Q and Synergy.

What are the advantages to MiLearn?

  • Immediate and direct access to assessment reports when they are released
  • Secure access to assessment data through SIS for students, parents, and educators anytime
  • Educator view of students reflects the current roster including student transfers
  • Enhances conversations between parents and educators regarding student learning and streamlines communications.

How does MiLearn work?

  • District SIS relationship and authorization data is loaded and updated nightly via the Michigan Data Hub
  • Assessment data is loaded from the Michigan Secure Site

Getting to MiLearn

  • Authorized students, parents, and educators log into their district SIS
  • A link called “State Assessment Data” takes users directly from their SIS to MiLearn with no additional log in required


  • Local district administrator(s) control what staff users can view
  • Parents only view children they have rights to view via the SIS (updated daily)
  • Classroom rosters and reports update daily based on current student enrollment
  • Up to two years of rostering data—view how students performed on state assessments for current and previous year’s
  • Up to three years of state assessment results (currently M-STEP, PSAT 8, SAT, MI-Access, and WIDA)
  • Links for DHSS Resources Document (Onboarding for specific SIS)

For support please contact the MiLearn by email at