Vendor/Sponsor/Owner: Michigan Education Data Center

Contact: Emily Mohr, Managing Director, Education Policy Innovation Collaborative, Michigan State University, (517) 884-0377,

Project Summary:

Since 2020, EPIC has been conducting research to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted education in Michigan and guide recovery efforts. This work includes ongoing analyses of K-8 student achievement and growth using the benchmark assessment data that districts provide through the Return to Learn Aggregation API, as requested by Michigan state legislature.

The extended benchmark study will deepen the analyses from EPIC’s previous legislatively-mandated Return to Learn reports to be more representative of all Michigan students, expand on trends, and use more rigorous methodologies that provide stronger evidence to help inform policy and practice.

Documentation Links: The Extended Benchmark Study integration provides districts with the ability to share their data with the Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC) at the University of Michigan through this data sharing agreement between Kalamazoo RESA as fiscal agent for MiDataHub and the University of Michigan on behalf of the Michigan Education Data Center. This will allow for student-level data to be used in benchmark assessment reporting to satisfy state mandates.

Integration Steps: 
Configuring Extended Benchmark Study: Here is a screen cast that outlines this process.

Step 1:  Login to MiDataHub by navigating to , select your district from the list, and login either using your local districts credentials (if federated to the SSO) or your MiDataHub Login (not federated to the SSO

Step 2:  Navigate to your districts MiDataHub Cockpit 

Step 3:  Scroll to the API Integrations section (bottom right corner of screen) and click on the Add Integration link:


Step 4:  Create the API using the selections below: 

  System Type: Educational Analytics
  Vendor: Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC) 
  System: Extended Benchmark Study v1
  Profile: None (Please note that the default is set to "Rostering" so please make sure to select "None")
            Click Submit when these selections are made

Epic Config

***This Aggregate API will need to be completed by a Technical Contact in your districts MiDataHub cockpit.