Documentation Links:

Integration Steps:

Step 1:  Login to MiDataHub by navigating to , select your district from the list, and login either using your local districts credentials (if federated to the SSO) or your MiDataHub Login (not federated to the SSO) 

Step 2:  Navigate to your districts MiDataHub cockpit 

Step 3:  Scroll to the API Integrations section (bottom right corner of screen) and click on the Add Integration link:


Step 4:  Create the API using the selections below: 

System Type: Educational Analytics
Vendor: Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC) 
System: Comprehensive Literacy Grant Evaluation – v1
Profile: None
          Click Submit when these selections are made

EPIC Literacy Partner

***This Aggregate API will need to be completed by a Technical Contact in your districts MiDataHub cockpit.