Vendor/Sponsor/Owner: Medical Decision Logic, Inc (mdlogix), a virtual company

Matt Briner, Director of Client,  410-828-8948
Chris Strom, Director of Software Engineering,  410-828-8948

Product Description:

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) chose bhworks from mdlogix in May 2021 to help schools statewide to gain consent, screen, identify, assess, refer, and monitor treatment for all school-age youth grades K – 12. The goal is to reduce youth suicides and other mental health issues, as well as streamline confidential communication among parents, teachers, and providers. bhworks has been offered for use in all 56 Intermediate School Districts (ISDs), potentially reaching 1.5 million students.

bhworks is a comprehensive software platform that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, providing organizations with the tools they need to deliver behavioral health services anywhere people live, work, study, or receive care. With easy to use features that streamline screening, care coordination, and outcomes reporting, bhworks has been leveraged to address behavioral health issues in a range of settings – from schools, hospitals, and primary care facilities, to local health departments, community organizations, and workplaces.

The bhworks platform features tools for the following:
● Web-based screening/data collection
● Referral and care coordination
● Real-time site and population data analytics via dashboards
● Telehealth/Virtual Care
● EMR/EHR/SIS Integration/Interface

bhworks is one of the leading statewide behavioral mental health platforms providing end to end functionality, including system integration and Medicaid billing. It is fulfilling the needs of Michigan ISDs by integrating with existing systems, such as EDPlan, MiDataHub, CompuClaim, and others, to ensure there is no duplication of effort. The system is HIPAA compliant.

Integration Notes

bhworks allows authorized school personnel and ISD providers to refer a student to the ISD for mental health services. Once integration with the MiDataHub is enabled, the student’s demographic details, contact information, MiDataHub, State and SIS Identifiers will automatically be pulled into bhworks during the referral process, minimizing the need for manual data entry.

The following link provides step by step instructions to create the API Integration in MiDataHub: API Integration Instructions

To initiate setup, ISD technical support should contact the bhworks team at

Product benefits:

  • Screen whole populations using minimal resources
  • Follow consistent best practices & processes
  • Provide wrap-around support
  • Spend more time providing student services
  • Communicate via virtual visits
  • Increased efficiency & less frustration
  • Understand what’s driving outcomes with dashboards that can aggregate data across multiple sites
  • Anytime, anywhere services with Telehealth
  • Connect care across traditional boundaries
  • All data is available instantly