Student Information System 3.1 Readiness

Please see the statement below from our colleagues at CEPI regarding system updates and timing of the CEPI services being offline.  

Database Server Migration Complete

All CEPI applications are now available except MSDS. MSDS remains offline to perform rollover to the 2020-21 school year; however, UIC services are available via the Michigan Data Hub.

  3.1 Release Training Opportunity Notes
Infinite Campus Currently Available

September/Early October

The resources below are still under development and not able to publish to MiDataHub as of today:

Discipline, Programs, and Attendance.

Please know the developers at Infinite Campus are working to ensure these resources will be included in the integration in a future update.

PowerSchool Currently Available

August 11, 2020



Currently Available

Week of 8/24 Added functionality through the Fall.
MISTAR-Q Currently Available Ongoing
Eschool ------- ------- Plans to use ST environment for Ed-Fi file-based import.
Edupoint Synergy Mid to Late September TBD  
Illuminate SIS ------- ------- Working with EUPISD to determine.