Data Hub Support Specialist Operations Group

The Data Hub Support Specialist group (sometimes referred to as the Operations Workgroup) consists of Technology Leaders, Data Coordinators, and other experts most of which are directly involved with the integration of educational technology systems throughout their county and region. Members of this group are employed mostly by ISDs, and other statewide organizations, and meet on a monthly basis to discuss current and upcoming features, obstacles, and other changes that impact MiDataHub.

The primary focus of work this team works collaboratively on is to:

  • Maintain and promote the use and growth of functionality MiDataHub provides districts
  • Establish new uses of available functionality and vendor integrations in MiDataHub (UIC Services, Dashboards, EWS, Integrations, State Reporting, MiLearn, MiREAD, etc.)
  • Support and promote regional/county integration and adoption
  • Promote vendor integration outreach and use
  • Attend monthly meetings – statewide group


Ashley Dunford

Anne Schimelpfenig

Brian Kobliska

Bryan Smith

Christian D. Anderson

Genesee ISD

Kevin Hoornstra

Lisa Sutphen

Melisa Swoish

Oakland Schools

Robert Kaminski

Terra Kelpinski

Tony Detharidge


Dona Johnson

Jeff Kamaloski

Sally Riffle


Chris Barnwood

Garrett Burgett

Greg Shepard

LeAnn Szymanski

Mark Wiegerink

Peter Nethercott

Ryan Liskiewicz

Sandy Whitcomb

Stephanie Gabriel

Suzanne Braun


Stephanie Abata

REMC 1 Support


John Londono

Lisa Thorne

Loretta LeCount

Lukas Enciso

Melissa Tront