Steps to create your API Integration with Eidex:
  1. Log in to your district MiDataHub Cockpit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Add Integration" under API Integrations on bottom right of page.
    1. System Type: Data Warehouse
    2. Vendor: Eidex LLC
    3. System: Eidex Insights - v1
    4. Then Submit
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Data Warehouse: Eidex Insights 1" (this is the integration you just created.
  4. Create a .txt document with Key and Secret
    1. Click to show the Secret
    2. Clear the "Permit Access to the OneRoster API" checkbox if it is checked
    3. Highlight and copy API information including the Key and Secret
    4. Open Notepad, Word or other text editor and paste API information
    5. Save the file to your desktop as: yourdistrictname_DataHub_Eidex.txt
    6. Click "Submit" on the API Integration page
  5. Upload your API information file to Eidex
    1. Login to Eidex and select Secure Upload
    2. Select Browse and navigate to your desktop to locate the file saved earlier. Select "Agree," indicate the upload type as "MIDataHub Key and Secret" and select a school year (any year is ok). Finally, click "Upload" to submit your information.



Detailed step by step instructions located here.