Dashboard Information

Creating A Dashboard Build This details creating and setting up a dashboard build from the Cockpit.

Dashboard Metrics - This details how the metrics are computed for the Ed-Fi Dashboards

Dashboard Quick-Start Guide - This gives a good overview of how to use the dashboards.

Dashboard Photo Management - This document will show how to upload photos for use in the Ed-Fi Dashboards.

Ed-Fi Dashboards EWS and IC – This document provides an overview of the Early Warning System (EWS) and Intervention Catalog (IC).  Note that this document has a lot of technical information as well, which can be disregarded.

Michigan Claim Set Mappings for Dashboard – This spreadsheet provides the technical details that determine what a user can see in the dashboards.  There are three concepts to keep in mind:

  1. The Staff Classification Descriptor Type values (on the Claim Sets Mappings form tab) are the actual user roles as determined in your SIS.  Use the Role Validation Report in the Data Quality section of the dashboards to view user roles.
  2. A Claim (see the Claims tab) is a description of rights that user has when accessing dashboard. 
  3. A Claim Set (see the Claim Sets Mappings form tab) is a grouping of claims that fit one or more staff classification.  For instance, Assistant Superintendent, LEA Administrator and Superintendent all fall under the Superintendent claim set, and therefore will hae the same level of access.